Bhandar Durg - Harihar Trek and Camping By Trekdi

02-Dec-2017 to 03-Dec-2017

About This Tour

Tryambakeshwar, situated about 25kms from Nasik is famous for one of the Jyotirlinga. The massive hill behind the city is called Brahmagiri or Tryambakgad.
This mountain is the source of Godavari River.
From here, we walk towards Durga Bhandar, which very few people visit, and it’s a Treasure!
The other Fort we visit is Harshgad or Harihar.
It is an important fort in Nashik district, and was constructed to look upon the trade route through Gonda Ghat. It receives many visitors because of its peculiar rock-cut steps.
We climb it from Nirgugpada, and its an amazing route!
The rock cut stairs will baffle your mind, it is tiring and beautiful at the same time!
The ascend through the 60 mtr rock cut steps is wonderful. It is like a stone ladder placed at 60 degree along the scarp.The steps are worn out at many places yet the holes on either side of the steps are conveniently cut for holding onto


Day-wise Schedule

1 Day 1 Evening 10:30pm - See you at Fergusson College at 10:30pm sharp..
10:45pm - We shall leave for Trimabakeshwar now.. As Trimbakeshwar is the base of Bhandar Durg.
It’s a non stop journey, get a good sleep.

2 Day 2 06:00am - Wakeup call and freshen up.
06:30pm - Have breakfast and get ready to climb hundreds of stairs.
09:30am - Reach top of Bhramhagiri and start walking towards Bhandar Durg.
10:30am - Sight seeing and history session, start descend.
01:00pm - Reach base and have lunch.
Prepare to move towards Harihar Fort Base (It’s a 30 minutes journey by bus)
03:00pm - Start Trek to Harihar Fort
06:30pm - Reach Top and enjoy sunset.. And a soup ;)
08:00pm - Expecting you to help the leaders cook food, have dinner and prepare the bon fire!
10:00pm - Sleep Time!

3 Day 3 We hope you’ve got a good sleep.
05:30am - Wake up call. Freshen up, and have tea.
06:00am - We visit the summit, a little sight seeing and prepare for breakfast.
08:00am - Packup, start descend.
12:30pm - Reach the base and start return journey for Pune. We will quickly halt on the way for lunch.
05:00pm - Pune is still away. Thus, Tea & snacks break at a hotel.
08:00pm - Hushh! You are back to Pune! And you are Victorious!

Things to carry

1 A postive mind set and a healthy body!
2 Luggage packed in big good trekking sack, all luggage packed in plastic bag.
3 Complete spare set of clothes & socks
4 Water bottle (atleast 1.5 ltr) compulsory
5 Electral/ Glucon-d energizers and personal medication
6 A sweater/warmwear/rainwear (as per the season)
7 Rubber soled sport shoes. (Converse, sandles, chappals, floaters not permitted)**
8 A sleeping bag / Thermocol mat and shawl / normal satranji and shawl: (only for overnight treks)
9 Torch with Extra pair of Batteries
10 Camera, Binocular (Optional)
** If you will be going to the outdoors more often, we suggest you buy Action Trekking Shoes.

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A wonderful experience of the outdoors with like mided people!
Transportation from Pune to Pune in a private non A/C vehicle.
Breakfast-Lunch-Evening snacks on both days & Dinner on Day 1
Trek Expertise
Safety Equipment
Basic First Aid


Dinner on Night 1. Please have dinner and then reach the pick up point.
Soft drinks and bottled water. We will be in the wilderness. The ground water available on the forts is very clean and sweet!
Basically, anything not mentioned in the 'includes' list.