Chadar - The Frozen River Trek

About this tour

The Himalayan winter is harsh and when it comes to high altitudes it definitely is tough.
The summer melts ice and make rivers flow with frightening speed, but the winter starts freezing everything.
Even the deadly rivers are brought down to standstill and are so frozen that one can walk over the river. Imagine a trek where almost for entire duration you walk on frozen river !!
TREKDI is organizing a challenging frozen river trek over Zanskar River. This trek is popularly known as "The Chadar Trek." This river is located about 50 Km from Leh.
We travel by vehicle to the highway junction of Zanskar river and then we trek in upward in mountains over the frozen river. Six days we travel up and six days we travel down the river.
Living in caves, facing temperatures as low as -10 or -15 celcius. Though this trek does not have much altitude gain as compared to other treks it is test for your mind control over your body.

Day-wise Schedule

1 Day 1

Fly Delhi to Leh and Reporting (3500 m)
Arrive Leh & spend the day in Leh to acclimatize. Take the time to explore the palace and markets, or just relax at the hotel. Overnight.

2 Day 2

Drive to Chilling, overnight at Tilat SumDo (3200m)
Drive from Leh to Chilling village where we meet our porters and drive further to the Alam Tilat by Jeep. Overnight at Camp in Tilat. Overnight.

3 Day 3

Tilat Sumdo- Zaribago (3250 m): 5/6 hrs.
We begin our Chadar trek by walking on the frozen Zanskar river from Chilling to Zaribago. Get the feel of ice and start experiencing the trill of walking on ice. Overnight at Camp.

4 Day 4

Zaribago - Deepyokma (3300 m): 4/5 hrs
Walk on the frozen Zanskar river for about 4 hours from Zaribago to Deepyokma. Overnight at Camp.

5 Day 5

Deepyokma - Nyrakpulu (3400 m): 5/6 hrs
Walk for almost 4 to 5 hours from Deepyokma to reach Nyarakpulu below the Nyarak village. Over night at Camp.

6 Day 6

Nyrakpulu - Tso Mopoaldar (3300 m)
Nyarakpulu to Tso Mopoaldar a four hour walk to the campsite.

7 Day 7

Tso Mopoaldar - Tilatdo (3200 m):
Mopoaldar to Tilatdo - another day of walking about 5 hours.

8 Day 8

Tilatdo - Chilling - Leh (3500 m)
From Tilatdo walk up to Chilling village from where a Jeep will take you back to the hotel in Leh by evening. Overnight stay at hotel.

9 Day 9

Leh - Delhi
Proceed for the further journey towards Delhi / Mumbai / Pune