Devkund Waterfall Trek

About this tour

Devkund Waterfall lie in Tamhini Forest, its closest accessable village being Bhira.
Bhira is a small village located ahead of Tamhini ghat, approximately 120 km from Pune.
The dam build by Tata Power Company has brought the village on the tourist map of Maharashtra.
In terms of size, Bhira Dam can easily be listed as one of the biggest hydroelectric power projects in the country.
The huge dam has turned the region in to a hub of tourist activity. People enjoy picnicking and boating in the waters nearby the dam.
Bhira waterfall gushes down in its full glory at the peak of the rainy season during the months of June to August.
And the best part is that the waterfall trek is still not known by many, thus you can enjoy the beauty of nature and water in complete silence.
The place is known for its natural beauty and lush green surroundings.
With a local population of just about 10,000, this is a rather sleepy place that oozes with calmness and tranquility.

Day-wise Schedule

1 Day 1

Meet at Fergusson College at 06:00am Sharp!
Departure from Pune by 06.15am
Breakfast at Tamhini Ghat.
Reach base by 09:30 and start trek towards Devkund
Reach waterfall and chill!! It will be the best scenario you have ever imagined! It's just too beautiful!
Have Packed Lunch beside the waterfall.
Start descending to base by 2:30pm
Reach Bhira by 5pm and start return journey.
Tea Break at Tamhini at around 6:00pm.
Back to Pune around 9:00 pm