Bhorgiri to Bhimashankar

About this tour

Bhorgiri is a small fort located below the plateau of bhimashankar.The trek route is through dense jungle and provides many opportunities for nature lovers and particularly Photographers !! One can see the state animal of Maharashtra which Giant Squirrel, in local language recognized as Shekru . Bhimashankar is also home to the barking deers, wild boars and many other small herbovores. It is also host to small carnivores like jackal. This trek is very beautiful throughout the year and in all seasons. The bhorgiri Fort is worth visiting as it has 17 water tanks at the top. The origin of the Bhima river is on the way of this trek route.
Duration : 1 Day
Difficulty Level : 2(Easy to Medium)
Endurance Level :3(Medium)"}

Day-wise Schedule

1 Day 1

>Start journey towards Bhorgiri by private vehicle @ 6.00 am
Have Breakfast on the way
Start Trek from Bhorgiri Village to Bhimashankar.
Trek to Bhimashankar
Have lunch at Bhimashankar
Small trail near Bhimashankar forest.Have tea & start return journey towards Pune.