Nageshwar Caves Trek

About this tour

Vasota Fort is situated in a dense forest surrounded by rivers.
Nageshwar caves are undeniably the best part of the fort which is must seen.
This trek is considered as one of the best treks in Sahyadri.
Being situated in the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, it offers amazing surprizes for wildlife lovers.
The trek through the dense forest makes you forget the distance you cover.

Day-wise Schedule

1 Day 1

10.00pm See you at Fergusson College Main gate at 10:00pm Sharp
10.30pm We now travel non stop to Bamnoli.
03.00am Take a nap till dawn at the base village.

2 Day 2

We hope you’ve got a good sleep.
06:00am - Wake up call. Freshen up, and have breakfast.
08:00am - Complete procedure to enter Wildlife Sanctuary and get a boat alloted through the forest office.
10:00am - Start the trek after the 1 hour boat ride..
12:30pm - Reach to the caves and have packed lunch.
01:30pm - Start descend and then the 1 hour boat ride. You will initially feel like jumping in he water, but as the sun sets, it gets cold!
05:30pm - have tea and snck at Bamnoli and start return journey.
10:00pm - We are back to Pune.