White Water Rafting at Kolad

About this tour

Kolad is a spectacular location to experience the pleasure of white water river rafting. Kundalika River which starts in Tamhini Ghat and runs through kolad village is recognised as perfect place for white water rafting for amateurs. this activity is conducted between two dams over a stretch of approx 12Km. We start on the lower side of Bhira Dam and the water runs in to Dolwahal dam. Since it is situated between two dams the safety is higher since there are no unknown changes in the levels of water and because of this Kundalika river and Kolad region is recognised as water sports hub.

Kundalika river’s approx. 12 Km stretch will give you all the excitement you need to relax your mind from regular tensions and work related stress. During this 2.5 hours stretch you will encounter rapids up to grade 3 and if the rain is high few days before then you can expect the rapid up to grade 4.

This activity, apart from fun brings out group coordination skills, power in your arms as well as courage.
Duration : 1 Day
Difficulty Level :Not applicable
Endurance Level :Not applicable

Day-wise Schedule

1 Day 1

Departure at 6 am Sharp from Fergusson College.
Breakfast on the way.
Reach rafting site and understand the basics of rafting and other instructions.
Start Rafting around 10am,
Enjoy the 2 and a half hours of River Rafting.
Travel to Resort, Change clothes and have lunch
Start return journey by 4.00pm
Back to Pune by 8pm after small stopover in Tamhini Ghat

NOTE: the timings for actual rafting can alter as per the change in dam water discharge schedule